Молоко и Мед
Увлажняющее молочко
Увлажняющее молочко
Формула на основе 100% натурального масла семян конопли, усиленная экстрактом агавы, маслами авокадо, жожоба и маслом семян какао для мощной антиоксидантной и увлажняющей поддержки для вашей кожи. Без парабенов и глютенов. Веган.

500 мл

Аромат: Молоко и Мед

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Полезные ингредиенты:

  • Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Plant serving as one of the best sources of Essential Fatty Acids providing skin with a perfect ration of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, key minerals and fiber.
  • Shea Butter helps protect the skin from the sun and dehydration. Also, a skin healer with richness in essential fatty acids, phytosterols and Vitamin E and D.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties help to provide even skin tone while keeping skin hydrated, nourished and conditioned
  • Known as a powerful anti-aging oil, agave extract is enriched in glycolic acid which penetrates the skin with hydration quickly and easily.

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